‘Doonesbury’ Cartoonist Praises Some Iraq War Journalism

By: E&P Staff

Military.com on Tuesday posted an interview with “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau in which he discusses Iraq War journalism, among other things.

“Despite all odds, given the extreme difficulty of covering the war, this war has yielded some of the best journalism I’ve ever seen, especially in the long form,” said Trudeau. “No one can read ‘Assassin’s Gate’ or ‘Fiasco’ or ‘Emerald City’ and not come away outraged over how dishonestly and incompetently this war has been managed from the beginning.

“If anything, television hasn’t done the horror justice. Certainly there are individual stories of progress — and many have been covered — but the central fact is that our war of ‘liberation’ has unleashed untold suffering on millions of people. More stories about rebuilt clinics or temporarily pacified areas of operations don’t change that much larger reality.”

The Universal Press Syndicate cartoonist said the U.S. should “withdraw from Iraq at the earliest possible date. Every day we remain worsens the crisis that the invasion set in motion. We can’t begin to rebuild our shattered prestige and influence in the world — and lead during a time of global peril — as long as we are seen as blundering bullies. The vast majority of Iraqis want us out; we should oblige them. Enough’s enough.”

Military.com also asked if it’s possible to support the troops without supporting the war.

“I certainly hope so, as that is my position,” replied Trudeau, whose B.D. character has been dealing with the loss of a leg in Iraq since 2004. “Of course, it is hardly a settled issue what constitutes ‘support.’ For instance, those who favor keeping our troops in the meat grinder that is Iraq are said to ‘support’ them, while those who favor returning them to their families are accused of ‘betraying’ them. Go figure.”

The complete interview can be seen here (http://www.military.com/NewsContent/0,13319,127547,00.html).

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