Pays Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson

By: Dave Astor is acknowledging the death of Hunter S. Thompson with a poll and a description of the late journalist’s connection to Uncle Duke in “Doonesbury.”

The Q&A section of the site notes that Thompson “was indeed the initial inspiration for Uncle Duke, who first appeared in the strip in [a] July 1974 series. Their paths diverged as Duke took on a life of his own, and over the decades his ever-evolving career has differed dramatically from that of HST.”

And the Q&A section — which links to “Doonesbury” comics featuring Duke and to articles about Thompson — says it “respectfully raises a hefty tumbler” to Thompson, “a powerfully innovative and influential journalist and writer whose voice will be missed.”

A total of 2,006 people had voted in the poll as of this morning, with 35% giving Thompson the highest praise as a “major heavy,” 32% giving him high praise as “damn good,” and 31% giving him qualified praise as “of his time.” also divided the respondents into “still stoned,” “used to be stoned,” and “unstoned.” Those “still stoned” rated Thompson the highest, with 49% calling him a “major heavy.”

Garry Trudeau, who could not be reached for comment, does “Doonesbury” for about 1,400 newspapers via Universal Press Syndicate.

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