‘Doonesbury’ Gets an A-Plus, Some Comics Get an F

By: E&P Staff

“Doonesbury” received the highest mark in a comics-grading piece that can be seen in a “Panels and Pixels” blog entry.

Chris Mautner — who looked at comics in The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa. — gave Garry Trudeau’s feature an A-plus.

Receiving A’s were “Pearls Before Swine” and (in a so-bad-it’s-good vote) “Mary Worth.”

A-minus: “Baby Blues”

B-plus: “For Better or For Worse”

B: “Funky Winkerbean” and “Mutts”

B-minus: “Jump Start”

C-plus: “Beetle Bailey”

C-minus: “Zits” and “Hi and Lois”

D-plus: “The Family Circus”

D: “Garfield”

F: “The Fusco Brothers,” “Barney Google and Snuffy Smith,” and “Marmaduke”

Mautner’s entire post — complete with his critiques of the above features — can be seen here.

The comics-grading piece was linked today on Dirk Deppey’s “Journalista: The Comics Journal Weblog”.

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