By: Charles Bowen

One Web Site Tracks All the New Sites

Even as the dot-com carnage continues to pile up, there is certainly no shortage
of new entrants on the wild and wooly Web. On the contrary, the Net’s population
explosion continues at a furious rate. Every day, hundreds of new Web sites are
launched, providing a real challenge to any reporter trying to keep pace, or
even just to cherry-pick the best new homepages for assorted columns and feature

Fortunately, new tools on the Web can help locate the freshest sites and those
that are especially worth the attention of your readers. One of the best new
Web-watching utilities comes to us from New Delhi, India. is
a globally focused gateway that not only faithfully reports the launch of new
Web sites each day, but also is a clearinghouse for all those “best sites” lists
that we see in magazines and online (and forgot to clip for later reference).

It’s a nicely structured portal to all kinds of new Web services. Come here to
find news and press releases about the latest Net offerings, features on trends,
Web happenings and analysis, a backgrounder on e-commerce, and talk of where the
Web is going next. Also of interest to the working press is its “Sites in the
News” link.

To use the resource, visit the site at where
linked headlines for the latest launches are displayed in the center panel of
the introductory screen under the title “New Sites/New Features.” Click any
headline to go directly to the specified site elsewhere on the Web. Also in the
main screen’s center panel are links to recent newspaper and magazine stories
about Web sites and Internet topics, from interviews with Net notables to
reviews of books about cyberspace.

Along the left side of the introductory page are buttons linking to Sites in the
News, Deals and Tie-ups, profiles of dot-com companies, best-site lists from
assorted sources, and related topics. And be sure to scroll the top page for
more icons on the lower right side of the screen. Among the best here are those
to find:

o Best Sites, letting you scan categories ranging from advertising and marketing
and arts and humanities to sports, women and youth.
o New Sites, giving you options to search by category and by date.
o Favorite Sites, listing some of the top sites identified by the service’s
frequent online visitors.
o Press Releases, for a chronological listing of releases about site launches,
the most recent on the top.
o Site Reviews, linking you to top site lists published by Forbes, PC
Magazine, Fortune, Yahoo Internet Life, and others.
o Webinfoline, connecting you to the site’s archive of stories and analysis on
Web trends and developments.
o Surfing Tools, providing information search engines, e-mail tools, utilities,
forums, and related subjects.
o News Resources, with links to top Web providers for political, business and
financial news, as well as stories about technology, sports and entertainment.
o Software Downloads, with links to major Web providers of software.

Other considerations for using Click2NewSites in your writing and editing:

o The site is a venture by Webinfo Media Private Limited of New Delhi, operated
by CEO V.K. Madhok.
o If you have a regular assignment to stay on top of Web developments, you
might want to register with the site to receive its weekly e-mailed newsletter.
Just click the “Register Here” link on the upper right side of the introductory
o And if you’re thinking about featuring the site in a story directed to
enterprising Webmasters in your community, be sure to let them know they can
post their own press releases through the site.

Bowen writes columns, articles and books from West Virginia, and is host of the daily Internet News syndicated radio show (

Copyright 2001, Editor & Publisher

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