Drupa Innovation Park 2012 to Provide Smart Solutions for Media Industry

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By: Press Release | drupa

The drupa innovation park 2012 presented by digi:media (dip) will showcase the latest innovative, trendsetting solutions and applications for the entire media industry in hall 7.0. This year’s dip will be located in close proximity to the drupa cube presented by digi:media in hall 7.a – the event and conference location on the subject of print communication. drupa 2012 visitors can get information on trendsetting technologies in the dip,  while the neighboring drupa cube will provide them with the accompanying content and business solutions. This concept of content, technology and business is one of the primary reasons why the trade fair debut of digi:media in April 2011 was so successful and digi:media is the driving force behind both the dip and cube at the drupa 2012. The trade fair will be held from May 3 – 16, 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

After drupa 2004 and 2008, what makes the dip so special this time? The drupa attendees can expect the very latest innovations and ideas for the markets of tomorrow when they visit the world’s leading trade fair for the printing and media industry. This is exactly what the drupa innovation park offers in concentrated form with its nine theme parks all located in one hall. “The themes highlighted in the dip are right up to date and geared to current market activities and developments in the printing and media industry. The dip offers key topics vital for media production in both the present and the future and has established itself as a lively marketplace where print and publishing professionals exchange information,” explained drupa Director Manuel Mataré.

An overview of the nine dip theme parks:

   In cooperation with the association CIP4, the Print Automation Park will present solutions for process optimization with the help of planning and control systems, MIS in combination with JDF applications and server applications. In the field of image automation, the Japanese company GTB (www.gtb.co.jp) will show software solutions that compare all incoming image data with each other according to certain criteria and provide the editor with the necessary information. The German company KUKA will present the world of industrial robots (www.kuka-robotics.com) and provide support for automation. Further exhibitors with topics relating to print automation will include Colorlogic, Colorware, Quite Software, LithoTechnics and Compart.

   The Dynamic Publishing Park will display solutions for multi-channel publishing, applications for print and web, web-to-print, print-on-demand and also cross-sector solutions for integrated information and publication management. Marcel Neiber, Managing Director of 9Plus, commented: “drupa has always been the magical center of attraction for the world of print and media. Our product will certainly revolutionize the market to some extent and finally unite e-business with the world of printing. In order to enter this market, we postponed our launch since drupa is the ideal environment. The innovation park is the first choice as it is exactly what we needed: a small part of the trade fair where the innovation of the printing industry has always taken place.”

   Vjoon, one of the leading developers of workflow solutions based on Adobe Creative Suite©, will also be represented in the Dynamic Publishing Park. Vjoon K4™ covers all publishing channels including print, mobile and tablets and thus provides an efficient, timesaving process. The Swiss company Tecnavia will also present app solutions for the production of newspapers and magazines in this theme park. “Newspaper and magazine publishers are in the process of discovering how to generate new sources of income with multi-channel publishing. At the dip we will be presenting our latest version of the cross-media publication NewsMemory that enables publishers to provide an efficient hybrid platform for iPad and Android tablets. Moreover, we will be showcasing NewsMemory as a fast, low-cost electronic edition suitable for everyone via our self-service website,” said René Sluyk, Sales Manager Europe at Tecnavia.

As providers of integrated solutions for information and publication management, the Munich-based censhare AG supports both medium-sized companies and major corporate groups at national and international levels. The aim is to collate existing company data to enable them to be quickly, flexibly and easily organized for production purposes in a centralized information management system.

In cooperation with adf (Arbeitskreis Digitale Fotografie e.V.), the Digital Imaging Park will present live photo shoots and impressive digital imagery as well as digital printing solutions of outstanding quality, color fidelity and production speed. Quatographic Technology GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of calibration and color management solutions for pre-press, design and photography. Apart from the hardware-calibrated Intelli proof monitors, its range of products also includes printer calibration and soft-proof applications (www.quato.de). 

Elpical (www.elpical.com) will showcase “Organic Imaging”, its latest line of products, in the Digital Imaging Park. This solution offers an automatic image improvement feature in every application environment. John De Jong, Managing Director of Elpical Software, explained: “The basis of our solution is the Claro technology that is also used by BBC Worldwide and supports entry-level users in the low-price category. Our easy-to-use interface is professionally designed and quickly provides our customers with high-quality results.”

The Print meets Mobile Park will offer state-of-the-art solutions and ideas that are shaping the future of modern communication. Applications such as Mobile Tagging, the integration of QR codes and augmented reality solutions for the printing solutions of the future will all be presented here. Among many other exhibitors, the newcomer PAD Publisher from Munich who has developed a fast, straightforward tool enabling any user to publish on the iPad will participate.

In the Asset Management Park solutions will be shown that systematically display database contents and documents, either on paper or any other media channel. One example is the company Aproove, which offers a rapid online approval solution for online proofing, collaboration, document access and approval with around-the-clock availability that can also be integrated in previously existing workflows.

Various aspects of marketing and communications will be displayed in the Marketing Solutions Park. They include tools and solutions for targeted communication and campaign management for diverse advertising opportunities combined with varied media. One of the exhibitors in this theme park will be the company MEHRKANAL (www.mehrkanal.com). “We offer a Marketing Management System (MMS), which is deployed by many well-known corporate brands and their sales partners such as Ford, Jaguar, Tamaris, Iveco, Intersport, Claas and Stihl. Our web-based and modularly built Marketing Management System solution enables corporate brands to plan, control and analyze the regional marketing of their sales partners,” remarked Markus Plaum, Managing Director of MEHRKANAL.

Environmental awareness and ecology will of course also be a key topic at this year’s dip. Innovations for sustainable printing production will be showcased in the Green Printing Park. The U.S. company Flexocleaners’ (www.flexocleaners.com) main focus is to provide ecological products for the entire flexographic industry.

The Print Product Innovation Park will be the place to go for innovative print products and technologies. The solutions on show will range from print finishing to secure printing. Dr. Rudolf Weidlich of GRT, noted: “We manufacture rotogravure cylinders for the packaging and security printing market. Our extensive experience and technical unique selling points enable us to transfer the smallest of objects to print cylinders with outstanding precision. A total of 25% of the company’s sales are already being achieved in the field of security printing, both for high-security applications and packaging applications in the fields of product security and product tracking.”

“With our color management solutions we are able to provide an essential contribution towards print buyers receiving print products from their providers with constant color impressions, regardless of the printing processes and media used,” added Bernd Staudt, Marketing Manager at GMG GmbH.

Printing is more than just publishing – printing as a process technology will be the main focus in the Printed Electronics / Functional Printing Park. This technology is all set to revolutionize production in many industries in the foreseeable future and will therefore be represented in the dip in cooperation with the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association). The young Portuguese company Ynvisible (www.ynvisible.com) develops and markets solutions for daily use in production environments. The existing prototypes are available for the next technological advancements. 

The exhibits in the drupa innovation park will be complemented by various talks from the dip exhibitors and their partners on two presentation stages in hall 7.0. In addition, moderated panel discussions on the dip stages as well as interviews in the dip energy lounge are planned. These features of the dip are designed to facilitate communication between attendees and exhibitors.

The stage program:

   The 20-minute talks by exhibitors, sponsors and dip partners on the two stages are an ideal way for visitors to gather information on the innovative power of the media industry. The lectures, panel discussions and moderated reports form the main focus of the various dip theme parks – a unique supplement to the product and technology demonstrations at the various company stands.

Daily dip overview:

   The dip will a meeting point and a unique platform for exchange between visitors and exhibitors. Every morning from 10:30 – 11:00 am, drupa attendees will receive an up-to-date overview of the innovations of the various exhibitors and the daily schedule of events in the dip.

Interviews in the dip Energy Lounge:

   Each afternoon, the dip Energy Lounge becomes the platform for interviews on technological innovations. At the invitation of the dip expert board, various exhibitors from each of the nine dip theme areas will answers questions from the presenter and the attendees.

dip Information – central point for all info on the dip:

   At the centrally located dip Information in hall 7.0 stand A 06, visitors can get key information on the dip theme parks, exhibitors, partners and sponsors, the lectures and the supporting program as well as the daily schedules and interviews in the dip Energy Lounge.

dip Guide – the catalogue all about the dip:

   In cooperation with the trade magazine “Der Druckspiegel” (www.druckspiegel.de) the dip guide will exclusively be produced as a printed catalogue for the dip. The dip Guide will provide an overview of the dip theme areas, the hall plan, the dip exhibitors, partners and sponsors as well as all the activities in the drupa innovation park.

For more information about the drupa innovation park, visit www.dip.drupa.com

For further information on visiting or exhibiting at drupa 2012, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail: info@mdna.com; Visit our web site http://www.mdna.com; Subscribe to our blog at http://blog.mdna.com; Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/mdnachicago

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