DTI Lightning Live at ‘Salt Lake Tribune’

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By: E&P Staff

The Salt Lake Tribune, has gone live on its DTI Lightning content management system for Web and mobile publishing, a part of the DTI ContentPublisher editorial system used by the MediaNews Group daily. The software is supplied by Digital Technology International, Springville, Utah.

Serving print and digital content from one database, DTI Lightning allows the Tribune to create content once, and publish it in real-time to multiple channels without interfacing with a third-party system.

“We needed to make the entire newsroom be the Web staff,” Tribune deputy Editor Tim Fitzpatrick said in a statement. “This integration is vital to turning the Web side over to the newsroom. Reducing our Web staff and allowing our people to make changes to their own sections were important issues for us, and DTI Lightning makes it all work.”

Tribune staff needed to be able to collaborate, produce, and manage stories for print and the Web at the same time, while maintaining control over content and presentation. DTI Lightning will manage the flow of content from staff and off-site sources.

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