Dubuque’s McCarthy, Manager of First Goss Metro Pressroom, Dies at 70

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By: E&P Staff

Donald J. McCarthy, pressroom manager at the Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa, died Sept. 4. He was 70, and had worked for the newspaper for more than 40 years before retiring in 2002.

In an appreciation in the Sept. 7 Telegraph Herald, Executive Editor Brian Cooper calls McCarthy a team layer who, with his pressroom crew, “helped make the rest of us look good, thanks to his commitment to getting top reproduction out of our historic press.”

McCarthy learned printing at the newspaper where, beginning as a high school student in 1957, he cleaned up the pressroom. He became an apprentice pressman in 1959.

McCarthy was involved in the installation in Dubuque of the first Goss doublewide offset press, which “many predicted could not overcome its engineering challenges,” Cooper writes. That Goss Metro produced its first edition in February 1966.

Cooper continues: “The press crew endured an exhausting schedule. The crew not only had to learn and experiment with the Metro, until the switch-over they still had to be on hand to print that day’s TH on the old press. Double shifts were common. Many days, the crew would have traded their overtime pay for a few extra hours of sleep.

In a 2001 interview, McCarthy told the Telegraph Herald, “We had no one to teach us. There was nowhere else to learn. Goss was learning at the same time.”

Ten years later, McCarthy was named pressroom manager. Recognized as the manager with the most Metro experience, he was counsel was sought by Goss and production executives worldwide.

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