E&P Editor on NPR’s ‘On the Media’

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By: E&P Staff

E&P Editor Greg Mitchell appeared on National Public Radio’s “On the Media” this past weekend to discuss his series of articles on the 60th anniversary of the atomic bomb. “On the Media” host Brooke Gladstone talked to Mitchell about his recent report revealing that the first eyewitness account of the devasation of Nagasaki, by an American reporter — spiked at the time, and then believed lost forever — had finally been published, in Japan. The audio of the segment, titled “60 Years Late/An Untold Story,” is available here.

The Washington Post on Saturday featured on the cover of its Style section a lengthy report inspired by another 60th anniversary E&P story, from this past week, on the suppression for decades of all film footage shot in the two atomic cities. Much of the footage can be seen in “Original Child Bomb,” a new documentary being shown on the Sundance Channel several times this week. The Washington Post story can be found here.

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