E&P Polls Cartoonists and Columnists for Election Predictions

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By: Dave Astor

Who will get the most votes in the presidential election? E&P e-mailed several dozen cartoonists and columnists to get their predictions, and 18 respondents picked John Kerry and 15 chose George W. Bush.

Those polled — including creators of political features and creators of non-political ones — weren’t asked who they hope will get the most votes but who they thought would get the most. So a liberal might predict Bush and a conservative might predict Kerry. And creators were asked to guess the percentages Kerry, Bush, and Ralph Nader would receive.

We didn’t use the word “win” above because a candidate finishing first in the popular tally might still lose the Electoral College. In fact, a couple of cartoonists wondered if there would be the flip-flop of all flip-flops this year: Bush winning the popular vote and losing the Electoral College — the opposite of what happened to him in 2000.

Below are the predictions, starting with those who feel the most votes will go to Kerry.

Hilary Price, “Rhymes With Orange” cartoonist, King Features Syndicate: Kerry 53%, Bush 47%.

Suzette Standring, president of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists: Kerry 52.8%, Bush 46.2%, Nader 1%.

Frank Kaiser, self-syndicated “Suddenly Senior” columnist: Kerry 51.6%, Bush 47.3%, Nader 1.1%.

Mike Leonard, columnist for The Herald-Times of Bloomington, Ind.: Kerry 51.3%, Bush 47.8%, Nader .9%.

Clay Bennett, editorial cartoonist for The Christian Science Monitor and Christian Science Monitor News Service: Kerry 51%, Bush 48%, Nader 1%.

Rob Rogers, editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and United Media: Kerry 51%, Bush 47%, Nader 2%.

Nick Anderson, editorial cartoonist for The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., and Washington Post Writers Group: Kerry 50.9%, Bush 48.2%, Nader .9%.

Mark Fiore, syndicated creator of animated editorial cartoons for the Web: Kerry 50.8%, Bush 48.5%, Nader .7%.

Brian Walker, “Hi & Lois” writer, King Features Syndicate: Kerry 50.5%, Bush 48.3%, Nader 1.2% (but feels Bush might win the Electoral College).

Smiley Anders, columnist for The Advocate in Baton Rouge, La.: Kerry 50.5%, Bush 48.2%, Nader 1.3%.

Bill Amend, “FoxTrot” cartoonist, Universal Press Syndicate: Kerry 50.3%, Bush 48.6%, Nader 1.1%.

Ray Hanania, columnist for Creators Syndicate: Kerry 50.25%, Bush 48.8%, Nader .95%.

Pete Rowe, columnist for The San Diego Union-Tribune: Kerry 50.2%, Bush 49%, Nader .8%.

Froma Harrop, columnist for The Providence (R.I.) Journal and Creators Syndicate: Kerry 50%, Bush 48%, Nader 1%.

Khalil Bendib, self-syndicated editorial cartoonist: Kerry 50%, Bush 48%, Nader .8%.

Bill Tammeus, columnist for The Kansas City Star and Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service: Kerry 49.87%, Bush 49.18%, Nader .78%.

Ed Stein, editorial cartoonist for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver and United Media: Kerry 49.6%, Bush 49.2%, Nader, 1.2%.

Norman Solomon, columnist for Creators Syndicate: Kerry 49.6%, Bush 48.7%, Nader .5.

Those predicting Bush will get the most votes:

Chris Browne, “Hagar the Horrible” cartoonist for King Features Syndicate and “Raising Duncan” cartoonist for United Media: Bush 55%, Kerry 42.5%, Nader 2.5%.

Matt Janz, “Out of the Gene Pool” cartoonist, Washington Post Writers Group: Bush 52.5%, Kerry 45.6%, Nader 1.9%.

Ruben Navarrette Jr., columnist for The Dallas Morning News and Washington Post Writers Group: Bush 52%, Kerry 46.8%, Nader 1.2%.

Steve Breen, editorial cartoonist for The San Diego Union-Tribune and Copley News Service and “Grand Avenue” cartoonist for United Media: Bush 52%, Kerry 47%, Nader 1%.

Rick McKee, editorial cartoonist for The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle and King Features Syndicate: Bush 52%, Kerry 48%.

Mike Smith, editorial cartoonist for the Las Vegas Sun and King Features Syndicate: Bush 51%, Kerry 48%, Nader 1%.

Steve Kelley, editorial cartoonist for The Times-Picayune of New Orleans and Creators Syndicate: Bush 50.8%, Kerry 47.9%, Nader 1.3%.

George Smith, columnist for The Anniston (Ala.) Star: Bush 50.3%, Kerry 48.7%, Nader 1%.

Karen Montague-Reyes, “Clear Blue Water” cartoonist, Universal Press Syndicate: Bush 50%, Kerry 49.5% (but feels Kerry might win the Electoral College).

Dave Lieber, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bush 49.8%, Kerry 48.1%, Nader 1.3%.

Kirk Walters, editorial cartoonist for The Blade of Toledo and King Features Syndicate: Bush 49.517%, Kerry 49.383%, Nader 1.1%.

Ted Rall, editorial cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate: Bush 49.3%, Kerry 48.7%, Nader 1.3%.

Bruce Tinsley, “Mallard Fillmore” cartoonist, King Features Syndicate: Bush 49.3%, Kerry 48%, Nader and others 2.7% (also thinks there will be an Electoral College tie).

Scott Stantis, editorial cartoonist for The Birmingham (Ala.) News and Copley News Service and “Prickly City” cartoonist for Universal Press Syndicate: Bush 49%, Kerry 48%, Nader 2% (but feels Kerry might win the Electoral College).

Sheila Stroup, columnist for The Times-Picayune of New Orleans: Bush 48.6%, Kerry 48.1%, Nader 1.6%.

Some creators declined to predict, and “Bo Nanas” cartoonist John Kovaleski of the Washington Post Writers Group joked that Bush and Kerry would each get “48-and-12/8%” of the vote. “In other words,” he said, “it’s too close to call and there will be some spectacular screw-ups in the voting process.”

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