‘E&P’ Suspends Operations–Good Chance for Return

By: Greg Mitchell

E&P will shut its doors this afternoon after more than 125 years in operation as “the bible of the newspaper industry” and one of America’s oldest magazines. Staffers are vacating the offices in New York City, but we still hope to be back.

We shipped our January issue on Monday and it will be mailed to subscribers next week. This Web site and our two blogs will remain alive but we will not be updating them after today. Office phone and email service will be suspended but staffers–a vast majority have worked here from 10 to 25 years–can be reached at the addresses below.

Several possible buyers have stepped forward but any firm agreement, we’re told, is at least two weeks away. There appears to be a fairly good chance that Editor & Publisher will resume but we cannot say when or in precisely what form.

To check for updates, find out what staffers are up to — and keep up with fresh news and commentary that some of us will continue to produce daily (in what we hope is merely an “interim”) — go to a new, possibly temporary, blog, “E&P In Exile,” by clicking below. Leave a comment if you wish:

New Blog.

As many know, we got our surprising closing notice from The Nielsen Co. on December 10, which was met by outrage, thousands of supportive messages and even an unlikely place on the Twitter trending list.

Staffers decided to stay on to finish the January issue and keep our Web site going until the end of the year in hopes of encouraging outside help and bids for a takeover.

Below you will find all of our home emails. Stay tuned, check out the new blog, and thanks again for your backing and kind words. Speaking for the entire staff, it’s been an honor, a challenge and a pleasure, to serve you.

UPDATE: AOL has just published a major piece on E&P:


Home emails:

Greg Mitchell (editor): Epic1934@aol.com

Charles McKeown (publisher): svea123@computer.net

Shawn Moynihan (managing ed/online ed): smoynihan224@yahoo.com

Jim Rosenberg (senior ed.): alanstilli@yahoo.com

Joe Strupp (senior ed.): JoeStrupp@aol.com

Jennifer Saba (senior ed.): jensaba@gmail.com

Mark Fitzgerald (editor-at-large): fitzbeat@yahoo.com

Reiko Matsuo (art/design director): reikomatsuo@comcast.net

Betsy Maloney (assoc. advertising director): maloney.betsy1@gmail.com

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