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By: Press Release | Ebyline

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 20, 2012 – Ebyline, the first online platform built to connect publishers with journalists and other freelance content providers through a virtual newsroom, today announced the release of its new self-service features, designed to provide publishers and editors immediate access to top-quality freelance writers at an affordable cost.   

“Ebyline has recruited and curated a stable of over 2,000 highly qualified freelance writers and journalists in the U.S.,” said Bill Momary, Ebyline’s CEO and co-founder. “With our simple management tools, these journalists are now readily available to newspapers, magazines, blogs and brands who are increasingly looking to expand their quality content. Our trusted network allows publications to cover any topic, or create any story they want efficiently and professionally.”  

Publishers and businesses can adopt the Ebyline self-service platform immediately and with no additional training or onboarding. The new model introduces an efficient way to manage content production, hire professional journalists and expand coverage. With four tiers of service, Ebyline offers publishers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs:  

  • Basic: This free version of the Virtual Newsroom gives users a simple, clean, easy-to-use dashboard to track all of their freelancers, staff writers, assignments, due dates, pitches and other workflow tasks. The dashboard makes it easy to invite freelancers into the system, assign stories, provide background media, negotiate pricing and track projects through to completion.  
  • Plus: With Ebyline Plus, you get all the workflow tools of the Basic product in addition to exclusive Plus features to help you find journalists, expand coverage and manage operations. Get access to Ebyline’s database of world-class contributors, each with a detailed profile for your review and consideration. Discover high-quality journalists for spot reporting from news events or find specialists with subject matter expertise to work with on an ongoing basis. Ebyline Plus also gives you a unique suite of features including plagiarism scanning tools, reporting and stats and access to syndicated content from a range of publishers.  
  • Plus w/ Payments: In addition to the Plus features, Ebyline’s Plus with Payments allows publishers to automatically manage all invoicing, billing and payment to your freelancers. The system’s payment system also handles all 1099’s and independent contractor agreements.  
  • Enterprise: Ebyline Enterprise is the complete Virtual Newsroom solution designed to help publications capture efficiencies while aligning their business models with new economic realities. With the Virtual Newsroom, publishers can automate freelancer administration tasks including assignment and pitch flow, tax management and electronic payment processing. Ebyline also introduces incremental revenue opportunities through its marketplace product, a platform designed to facilitate the a la carte sale of news content directly to other publishers. The Enterprise edition also offers custom integration with your CMS/publishing tool, access to Ebyline’s content strategy team and advanced management features including private domains.  

“Our goal is to help business users and publishers concentrate on their core strengths by automating the content production workflow,” said Allen Narcisse, Ebyline’s COO and co-founder. “The reality is that 70 per cent of writers and reporters work for themselves nowadays, and hiring qualified outside sources to produce reliable, quality content has traditionally been a high-cost, inefficient endeavor. Now publishers and business users can access Ebyline and manage all aspects of the freelance hiring process – from hiring to payments to project management – immediately and inexpensively.”  

Ebyline’s Virtual Newsroom is available immediately and users can sign-up at www.ebyline.com. For further information, email Ebyline at press@ebyline.com.    

About Ebyline
Ebyline, Inc. (www.ebyline.com) is a secure online software platform for newspapers, publishers, brands and content producers to collaborate with professional freelance journalists. Ebyline’s workflow tools make the process of managing and tracking freelancer journalists easier than ever before. The Virtual NewsroomTM solution automates all freelancer administration including assignment/pitch flow, tax management and payment processing. Plus, editors and publishers have instant access to a pool of qualified, experienced freelance journalists from around the world for a cost-effective way to expand coverage. For freelancers, Ebyline is a dynamic way to showcase experience, pitch ideas to publishers from around the country, and safely distribute work. Founded by veterans of the Los Angeles Times, and specialists in new content distribution models, Ebyline’s client partners include E.W. Scripps & Co., Gatehouse Media, Intel, Morris, among many others.  

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