Editor of Biloxi Pleads: ‘Who Will Help Us?’

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By: E&P Staff

Stan Tiner, editor of the Sun Herald, wrote his second column for the beleaguered Biloxi paper today, which concluded with another plea for help:

“Things are bad and only going to get worse here. We know that and are prepared to live with the uncomfortable state for a very long time.

“Everyone wants gas and water. Neither can be found and with each hour our personal caches are dwindling.

“But the needs of our people are so incredibly great as to cry out for attention.

Medical needs, food, water, gasoline — are all needed and now. Some say our plight coupled with the unbelievable state of degredation in New Orleans represents the greatest humanitarian crisis in American history.

“This has led us to profoundly understand our dependance on others. In this moment of need, we wonder who will help us? We are even so bold as to send a message from the lost cities of the Mississippi Coast: Will you help us?”

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