Editor of Tribune’s ‘amNewYork’ Quits, Charges ‘Newsday’ Takeover

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By: E&P Staff

The editor of amNewYork has resigned in a dispute over lack of attribution, but he asserts, in an e-mail to E&P, that there’s another reason: a desire for greater control over the free paper by Newsday, its Tribune Co. sister on Long Island.

On Saturday, Newsday revealed that Alex Storozynski, who once shared a Pulitzer for editorials at New York?s Daily News, did not attribute certain passages and quotes on W. Mark Felt in a June 1 article, which came from a May 31 article at washingtonpost.com.

“This is a violation of our standards on sources and attribution,” Newsday spokesman Stu Vincent said Friday. A correction appeared Friday.

Newsday quoted Storozynski, denying plagiarism: “It was clear that those were statements from the Washington Post.” He said he “mentioned the Washington Post three times” in his story. But Newsday noted: ?The amNewYork story did refer to staff members of the Washington Post, but did not directly attribute any information to the Post.”

Newsday multimedia editor Diane Goldie will serve as acting editor of amNewYork. Debby Krenek, one of Newsday’s two managing editors, will now supervise the paper. “Newsday is expanding its editorial oversight of the paper to ensure its standards are consistent with ours,” Editor John Mancini said.

On Sunday afternoon, Storozynski sent a lengthy email to E&P, which reads in part:

?I am compelled to set the record straight on my departure from amNewYork. Newsday has suggested that I resigned as editor because I improperly sourced an article. That?s a smokescreen. The reality is that Newsday has decided that amNewYork is successful enough that it wants to take control.

?Anyone who wants to know about my principles as a journalist should talk to people who I worked for?.

?It was clear from the start that our relationship with the Tribune Co. and its Long Island subsidiary Newsday was schizophrenic. When I asked if we could use the library at Newsday?s Melville headquarters or run some of its photos, they refused. I was told that our employment benefits would not be the same as those of other Tribune papers….

?On our own, our overworked and underpaid staff of 12 people brought this new paper to the highest circulation of any daily newspaper in Manhattan. In less than two years, the paper?s total circulation has reached more than 311,000?.And even with [a] skeleton crew, amNewYork has been able to do something that Newsday was never able to do – become a successful newspaper in New York City. Now, that amNewYork is recognized for its quality work, Newsday wants to change the relationship and take over the paper.

?On Friday, Newsday issued an internal memo saying that its multi-media editor, Diane Goldie, will serve as acting editor of amNewYork and that she will report to a Newsday managing editor. As editor, I answered to the publisher of amNewYork. What newspaper editor answers to the managing editor of a completely separate newspaper??

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