Editorial Cartoonist Celebrates 20 Years at Staunton ‘News Leader’

By: E&P Staff

The News Leader in Staunton, Va., has a feature on its editorial cartoonist, Jim McCloskey, who is celebrating 20 years of cartooning at the newspaper.

?I?ve never apologized for a cartoon,? he tells the paper. ?A cartoonist is supposed to make you think. I don?t claim to be the only opinion or the right opinion. That?s why I sign my name on them.?

McCloskey reveals that in high school, he realized editorial cartooning was the right career path. Once during class, he started drawing a caricature of his teacher, a nun.

?As I started drawing this caricature of her holding a shotgun, a crowd began forming around me,? he tells the paper. The nun snatched it, crumpled it and threw it in the trash.

?I got something like a week?s worth of detention,? he adds. ?But the kids loved it and for a while, I was this hero. I wasn?t good at sports, and I didn?t get perfect grades, but this was something I could do that got attention.?

Check out the full interview, here.

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