Eidosmedia Offers M?thode iPad Authoring

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By: E&P Staff

Eidosmedia, Milan and New York, offers Méthode iPad Authoring as an interactive environment for planning and producing specific editions for tablet devices like the Apple iPad. Rather than “blind dumping,” it affords control of planning and layout, while integration with print and Web workflows facilitates creation of tablet editions from existing content.

The Méthode editorial platform’s new feature, to be demonstrated at the Ifra Expo in Hamburg, Oct. 4-6, works with the same channel-neutral XML content used to create pages for print and online publications, but creates pages optimized for iPad display and navigation.

“Méthode offers a range of options to publishers in terms of the amount of customization they want to apply to the iPad channel,” EidosMedia President Angelo Grampa said in a statement.

The basic level, an export of print pages to create an HTML5 version that can be browsed and zoomed on the iPad, is a virtually automatic process. Within the authoring environment, however, staffers have an edition plan of predefined iPad layouts with which they may drag stories into page slots, where they reformat to fit the layout. Still images, videos and ads are handled in similar fashion.

Staffers can preview pages in progress and review page flow in the navigation structure.

AS time permits, page customization is possible, including creation of new products. “Shapes and layouts can be adjusted and replaced, just as in the print channel,” said Steve Ball, EidosMedia marketing director for the U.S. “Text and image variants can be introduced that are specific to the iPad channel. Highly customized page designs can be created and then populated from Méthode’s common content store.”

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