EidosMedia Upgrades Methode

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By: E&P Staff

EidosMedia in Milan, Italy, has announced release 2.4 of its Methode cross-media publishing platform.

Providing a single window into all content sources — archives, editorial workflow, newswires, Web, etc. — needed to create and manage news products, Methode was designed to maintain the unified view and optimize performance while allowing content sources and functions to be distributed across different physical platforms.

A typical installation will use separate, dedicated servers for the database-management functions, the Autonomy search engine, the notification and alert services, and Web publishing.

Release 2.4 extends this “horizontal” modularity with a “vertical” dimension, allowing a function to be distributed among several federated servers. This allows, for example, optimal configuration of separate search engines, one for news wires (relatively small population of objects, continuously updated and interrogated throughout the day) and another for archives (a larger, less-often-updated repository). Users access both through a single-query interface.

This capability also can be applied to the notification function that supplies automatic updates about editorial content in the workflow. “Slave” servers may be configured to receive notifications from the main server and redistribute them to local users. Delegation of notification to local servers reduces network traffic by eliminating the need for the central server to separately notify user.

With aggregation of main database servers as a first step toward full federation, users may now access multiple databases through one log-in and navigation window.

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