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By: E&P Staff

Artwork Systems is integrating London-based Enfocus into its research and development, marketing, and operations. In addition to combining at a new Ghent, Belgium, headquarters by this spring, the companies will further share technology to support branding and development.

In North America, Enfocus will move to the Encino, Calif., location of Artwork Systems’ Dimensional Impressions company. Artwork Systems and Enfocus brands will continue to co-exist, the former focused on packaging and high-end workflow systems, the latter on PDF and automation tools.

Since the Enfocus acquisition, there has been a technology exchange between the two — the most recent results being Enfocus’ PitStop Automate and an Artwork Systems’ stand-alone PDF editor.

Soon-to-be-released Enfocus PitStop Automate is a task-based production-automation tool with an intuitive graphical user interface for designing complete workflows for design studios, ad agencies, printers, and publishers.

The product and training will be available through certified Enfocus resellers. PitStop Automate will be priced at $5,999. Enfocus also is releasing a software development kit so that developers may plug their own solutions into PitStop Automate for such applications as color proofing, imposition, file transfer, or image manipulation.

Closely integrated with Acrobat Distiller, PitStop Automate includes Enfocus’ PDF editing and preflighting. An upgrade from Enfocus PitStop Server, PitStop Automate’s adds such features as conditional checks on files to decide which path to follow based on file type, size, and other properties and splitting multiple-page PDFs into single-page PDFs.

PitStop Automate incorporates Enfocus Certified PDF, which embeds the PDF profile originally used to preflight the file. A detailed preflight report and an audit trail of all edits made to the PDF also are created. Immediately identified Certified PDFs move through production faster than non-Certified PDF files.

Enfocus also announced that it will preview PitStop Professional 7 at April’s IPEX trade show, in Birmingham, England. The new version focuses on productivity and usability. With PitStop Professional 7, all Enfocus applications are available within its own core PitStop library, the engine that drives all Enfocus products and allows partners to integrate Enfocus preflight, editing, and Certified PDF technology into their own solutions.

With a revamped Enfocus Navigator, which provides a clear overview of errors, warnings and fixes, as well as highlighting possibilities, browsing and interactive error correction are easier. The preflight report offers a simpler presentation, and the PDF profile editor offers all-in-one PDF/X check.

The in-application help system from Instant PDF 3 is now also available in PitStop Professional 7. Each PitStop panel has a help section explaining its functionality, making it easier for users to correctly utilize those functions which are only rarely needed. In addition, the preflight report help section has been integrated giving concise, but complete, information on the messages found on the preflight report. This allows the operator to act quickly and accurately on errors found in the report.

Among other new features and improvements, Version 7 introduces View and File Setting — exchangeable settings that extend preflighting by allowing checks to be made on file size and file name length. It also warns when overprint viewing or color-management settings are not correctly configured, ensuring optimal setting of environmental conditions under which a file is viewed.

In an extension of an agreement with Xitron, Ann Arbor, Mich., the raster image processing and workflow products developer RIP Manager 3.0, its newest Navigator GPS release, incorporates Enfocus PDF preflighting, editing, and certification capabilities.

Through June, buyers of Navigator GPS or Navigator RIP Manager receive Enfocus Instant PDF software, which can be used to create their own specifications queues, or provide copies to customers, facilitating creation of files that travel without problem through a PDF workflow.

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