Even GOP Voters Criticize Bush in Doonesbury.com Hurricane Poll

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By: E&P Staff

Doonesbury.com visitors tend to be liberal, but even Republicans gave a thumbs’ down to George W. Bush in a poll the site is conducting on the president’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 92% of 3,089 voters feel Bush did a “bad” job, 5% a “mixed” job, and 1% a “great” job with disaster relief.

For the 270 Republicans voting in the online survey, the numbers are 79% (bad), 11% (mixed), and 8% (great). For the 1,518 Democrats: 94%, 4%, and 1%. And for 1,301 non-affiliated voters, the numbers match the overall total: 92%, 5%, and 1%.

In other “Doonesbury” news, The Guardian of London reinstated Garry Trudeau’s comic after hundreds of readers complained about it being dropped during a redesign of the newpaper.

“Doonesbury” appears in about 1,400 papers via Universal Press Syndicate.

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