Ever on Sunday: Still the Favorite Day for Relaxing with a Newspaper

By: E&P Staff

The “Sunday paper” remains very popular but a recent poll for Parade magazine turned up some of the obstacles cutting into circulation lately.

Almost one in three Americans said they had not read the Sunday newspaper in the past six months. When asked why, the following reasons topped the list: 15% said they don?t have the time; 14% can?t get home delivery; 11% get their news from television; 10% say it?s not interesting; 5% say they get their news from the Internet.

Otherwise, the survey, by Zogby International, found many positives.

The study, called “Sunday in America,” revealed that Sunday is still the favorite day of the week among Americans (31%). Sunday is for ?relaxing,? ?recharging,? ?family time? and ?time for myself.?

?Sunday is still a day unlike any other,” Parade president and publisher Randy Siegel said in a statement. ?Americans have increasingly busy and hectic lives, but Sunday is the one day that they put their obligations aside and do the things they enjoy, like reading the Sunday newspaper.?

The study found that 60% had read all four Sunday issues of their local newspaper in the last month. But only half that number among the 18-to-34 age group said they had read all four.

Among those who do read the Sunday paper, 75% say, ?The Sunday newspaper is a good source of information about new products and services”; 74% say the newspaper provides valuable coupons and rebate offers. Asked how newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the internet compare as the best source of information about specific topics, Americans voted the newspaper No. 1 in 10 categories.

The survey was conducted by Zogby International via phone in April 2006. The results represent the opinions of 1,016 random adults.

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