Evolphin Software releases Zoom Version Management

By: E&P Staff

Evolphin Software, Dublin, Calif., has announced commercial availability of its Zoom digital asset version and workflow management software to help creative professionals and others manage versions of their digital assets.

Zoom’s asset versioning allows users to move among versions and automate the approval workflow for digital versions in real-time.

According to Evolphin, Zoom was designed to fill the “huge void for users trying to version Adobe digital assets” that Adobe Systems created when it discontinued Version Cue with its CS5.

Optimized for both binary and text assets, Zoom “is up to 50 times faster than existing systems, while delivering almost 2,000 times disk storage reduction,” Evolphin Software President and CEO Rahul Bhargava said in a statement, adding that return on investment “is guaranteed in days not months.”

Evolphin said it reduced network bandwidth required for large assets by taking advantage of multi-core processors. The workflow incorporates a Visual Workflow manager. The software also offers trend analysis, star-performer tracking, time-sheets and real-time activity reports.

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