Ex-CIA Agent Outed by Novak Criticizes Pundit for Hit-and-Run Accident

By: E&P Staff

Valerie Plame Wilson, who was outed as a CIA agent in a 2003 column by Robert Novak, criticized the pundit for his hit-and-run accident.

Novak, the Chicago Sun-Times/Creators Syndicate columnist, reportedly hit a pedestrian yesterday while driving his Corvette in Washington, D.C. — and then continued driving.

ThinkProgress.org posted a statement from Plame Wilson and her husband, Joseph Wilson, that said: “Our sympathies go out to the victim of Novak’s action. Once again Novak has demonstrated his callous disregard for the rights of others, as well as his chronic inability to accept responsibility for his actions.

“We have long argued that responsible adults should take Novak’s typewriter away. The time has arrived for them to also take away the keys to his Corvette.”

Bush administration officials leaked Plame Wilson’s name to Novak in 2003 after Joseph Wilson criticized the administration’s Iraq War policies in a New York Times op-ed piece.

Yesterday’s E&P story about the accident can be seen here.

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