eXelate Launches Private Marketplace for Publishers’ Behavioral Targeting Data

By: E&P Staff

Billing itself the world’s first open marketplace for behavioral targeting data and supplier of data-management tools, eXelate launched on June 16 its private marketplace for publishers, teXi:PM., allowing creation of stand-alone, exclusive, transparent data exchanges for premium advertisers and agencies. Publishers are afforded control over who may access their data.

Part of eXelate’s teXi:DM Data Management suite for publishers, which launched last October, the tool enables publishers to create their own one-to-one transparent relationships with data buyers in a closed, privacy-preserving, data marketplace while exploiting the reach of eXelate’s open eXchange.

Publishers can manage data access, receive real-time online activity reports, market targeted data pools, set data prices, and close data transactions in their own Web-based, branded environment, with centralized privacy management (the exchange accepts no personally identifiable information) and opt-out functionality to exceed industry standards for consumer transparency, notification and control. (A Privacy Management Module can be integrated to allow the audience to control the information a publisher collects during their visit and to opt out of any third-party cookie activity on the eXchange.)

The offering complements eXelate’s exchange, which connects publishers representing 150 million unique visitors each month in a blind-exchange with agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms for consolidated online ad buying. The exchange and teXi:PM were designed to provide publishers with a new, non-competitive revenue source based on their audience interactions.

WhitePages is among those already preparing to launch private marketplaces on teXi:PM.

Publishers now can “not only leverage the buyer reach and non-competitive nature of the eXelate eXchange, but also create their own transparent, premium data relationships and maintain control over data access, while centralizing privacy functionality, eXelate CEO Meir Zohar said in a statement. “As the market continues to be driven by the often competing demands of scale and transparency, we believe this helps solve both challenges.”

By participating on the eXchange and using its data-management tools, “data buyers build an instant behavioral targeting function and optimize their campaign delivery, while data sellers gain direct control over their audience data distribution and build a new privacy-friendly income stream,” according to eXelate.

The venture-backed company started in 2008 is headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, and has an office in New York. Its technology coordinates blind transactions for a “broker’s fee”; it does not serve online ads. Publishers anonymously sell cookie-based targeting data to advertisers or their agencies.

With eXelate Audience Insight tools, publishers also can use the data for their own purposes. Analyzing and then syncing targeting data from other exchange members with a publisher’s unique audience can provide “a snapshot of how your users index against other key demographic and behavioral factors,” the company says. The information can be used by a publisher’s sales and marketing staff to drive incremental revenue from the existing audience. And with Target Insight, Audience Insight information can be used to target a site’s own users with relevant ads.

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