Exhibit Will Focus on a ‘Peanuts’ Wall That Moved to California

By: E&P Staff

A nursery wall featuring drawings by the late creator of “Peanuts” will be the focus of a Nov. 29-July 16 exhibit at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Schulz, while living in Colorado Springs in 1951, painted characters on the bedroom wall for one of his daughters. The wall was eventually re-painted many times by subsequent residents, but long?time neighbors remembered what was underneath.

When Stan and Polly Travnicek bought the home in 1979, Polly learned that Schulz’s art was on the wall, and decided to find it. She laboriously removed the layers of paint — and saw characters from “Peanuts” and children’s storybooks. After the Travniceks heard of Schulz’s illness in 1999 and plans to create the Santa Rosa museum, they offered the wall to the then-future museum.

The exhibit focuses on how the wall was removed from its Colorado Springs home, its move to the museum, and its stabilization and conservation. Included are photos, video footage, and personal accounts.

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