Facebook Advertising Profiles Are a Mystery to Most Users, Survey Says

The scrutiny of Facebook’s collection and use of consumer data in recent years has prompted the tech giant to repeatedly defend its efforts around transparency and privacy.

But about three-fourths of Facebook users were unaware that the company lists their personal traits and interests for advertisers on its site…

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One thought on “Facebook Advertising Profiles Are a Mystery to Most Users, Survey Says

  • January 17, 2019 at 9:36 am

    My my, the crocodile tears….

    This misdirections….

    The distractions….

    But if a NYT editor says this is news and something else is not, that’s that.

    Facebook pretends to have an API that lets select users know who is posting “political” ads on the facebook platform. NYT and it’s non-partisan-but-always-investigates-the-right partner ProPublica enjoy full access to the API. You or I, not so much.

    But do NYT and the pro-public information nonprofit publish a drumbeat of stories about facebook denying the public access to what TV and radio stations are required by law to provide the public — political advertising spend reports? No. They wallow in their exclusive access then NYT has the temerity to blame facebook users for not spending their days managing or at least exploring their largely irrelevant ad preferences.

    Why are they irrelevant? Because many of us do not care what they are trying to show us individually. We care who is using the platform for political influence, who they pay to target and with what messages. But stupid us – we don’t even bother to look at our ad preferences. Why should NYT share it’s exclusive API access to facebook’s REAL advertising data when we’re otherwise too stupid to care what facebook shows us?


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