Facebook Requests Input on Hard Questions About Censorship and Terrorism

How should Facebook decide what’s allowed on its social network, and how to balance safety and truth with diverse opinions and cultural norms? Facebook wants your feedback on the toughest issues it’s grappling with, so today it published a list of seven “hard questions” and an email address — hardquestions@fb.com — where you can send feedback and suggestions for more questions it should address.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Requests Input on Hard Questions About Censorship and Terrorism

  • June 25, 2017 at 7:49 pm

    Interesting that Facebook are making a big thing about the ‘hard questions’ yet do not answer questions put to it. The staff who handle these hard questions have cut me off from sending messages to them as I asked some hard questions like why do they say they want to connect the world but hide the support contact details so we cannot contact their staff.

    Facebook are liars and are in violation of many of the terms of their agreement with BBB regarding accreditation. Why do Facebook allow known scammers to have multiple accounts that they use to impersonate others to defame them?
    Facebook state that multiple accounts and impersonation accounts are not allowed yet they will not remove them, are they so desperate for members that they have to resort to lies to keep those whom should be removed?

    Why do Facebook allow such things after receiving over 400 abuse reports from different people over a three year period.
    And the BIG QUESTION is, why do Facebook ignore genuine reports and ignore feedback from those affected by their arrogance in refusing to help members?

  • June 27, 2017 at 1:44 am

    Well well! Facebook ASK you for feedback for their ‘Hard Questions’ yet when some hard questions are put to them they run and hide and disable your account with NO EXPLANATION just their message that says ” Account disabled
    Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.”

    I have another important question for Facebook: Why, despite it being reported are you allowing a scammer who says he is a ‘spell caster’ to freely advertise that his spells can heal AIDS/HIV? This is Facebook putting lives at risk as a desperate and poor victim of AIDs could believe this scammers fake claims and then decide NOT to seek genuine medical help. Why are Facebook putting their profits above the lives of their members?

    I have reported this multiple times to Facebook and received back their standard reply saying it is not in violation of their community standards. This means that Facebook are allowing this scammer to endanger the lives of some of their members. After receiving information that the scammer is endangering people.

    This is yet ANOTHER violation of Facebook’s OWN rules but also a violation of their accreditation agreement with BBB. So this agreement should be revoked.

    It is quite amazing that Facebook decides to block people who send in genuine complaints and information when they could contact that person and see how both parties could help the Facebook members. Alan James.


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