Facebook Tries Again By Hiring Journalists to Staff Its News Tab

Facebook famously got rid of its “trending topics” editorial team back in 2018. Now, it’s again hiring editors — just don’t expect “trending 2.0.”

On Tuesday, the platform announced plans to hire what it is describing as a “small team” of veteran journalists – likely fewer than 10 at the outset – to choose content that will be featured in a section of the news tab…

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One thought on “Facebook Tries Again By Hiring Journalists to Staff Its News Tab

  • August 20, 2019 at 11:41 am

    Riiiight. Journalists. Big J Journalists.

    You know, the ones who went to Holy Seminary School and are now endowed with perfect omniscience, absolute moral authority and an impenetrable shield against bias. If these Holy Scribes say it’s so, it’s so.

    Or not.

    They might hire those wannabe authoritarians whose main mission in journalism is to redefine the center as wherever they want to move it. Journalism seems to attract a lot of activists these days. That’s who they’re hiring – activists to give them absolution for breaking public discourse. Shame on anyone who takes the job.


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