Facebook’s New Political Algorithms Increase Tension With Publishers

News publishers have long had a fraught relationship with Facebook. But tensions have become more public in recent weeks, with news organizations openly criticizing the tech giant for new policies that they say are harmful to journalism.

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One thought on “Facebook’s New Political Algorithms Increase Tension With Publishers

  • June 15, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    Facebook is dinging more than publishers with its latest virtue-signalling sham. It is hitting non-political advertisers who use the facebook platform to promote products and services.

    The sham political disclaimers appear to be an attempt to distract from Congress’ recent inquiry into facebook’s self-serving disinterest in who gets access to user data.

    It may be more than a distraction. It could be an attempt to punish the public for daring to meddle in Little Markie Harvard-Dropout’s business. Think the teenager who doesn’t want to clean the kitchen, carelessly breaking dishes and spilling dishwater to make the cleanup as inconvenient as possible.

    Advertisers who promote content that an algorithm might construe as political must register as political advertisers. An ad promoting content that even mentions a law might be flagged as political.

    Let’s say a software publisher provides products to medical clinics for HIPPA compliance. If the ad mentions new changes in HIPPA (Health Information Privacy Protection Act) the ad could be flagged as political. If an ad for professional training includes references to recent changes in legal certification requirements for that profession, facebooks crew six -figure slackers will flag it as political content.


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