Famed Illustrator Randall Enos Joins Cagle Cartoons

By: E&P Staff

Longtime illustrator Randall Enos, whose work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New Yorker and National Lampoon, among other publications, is moving into the realm of political cartoons — and Daryl Cagle’s got him.

Enos will produce two cartoons a week for the Cagle Cartoons syndicate, allowing him potential exposure to more than 800 newspapers.

“It is rare that we see a great new editorial cartoonist enter our shrinking profession these days,” Cagle Cartoons owner and msnbc.com cartoonist Daryl Cagle said on his blog. “I think it will be great fun to see Randy mix it up with the other editorial cartoonists, and nice that his work looks so different from everyone else’s cartoons, since editorial cartoonists are so often accused of having a similar look.”

Enos completes his cartoons as linoleum block prints. Rather than illustrating with pen and ink, the artist cuts it out with knives, in reverse, into the surface of a sheet of linoleum. The uncarved areas become the relief, which are then inked with a roller and pressed onto paper, which is then scanned into a computer.

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