Fantagraphics Reprinting 50-Year-Old Comic Strip

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By: E&P Staff

How many syndicated strips lasting less than a year get collected in a book?

Fantagraphics next month will publish “Terr’ble Thompson,” which includes the entire run of Gene Deitch’s 1955-56 comic. Deitch gave up his United Media cartoon feature to become head supervisor of Paul Terry’s Terrytoons Studio. He went on to create a daily five-minute cartoon serial, starring a character named Tom Terrific, for the “Captain Kangaroo” children’s show.

“Terr’ble Thompson” was drawn in a more modern style than many 1950s comics. Its title character was an offbeat boy who went on humorous adventures that included time-bending meetings with the likes of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Davy Crockett.

Deitch — who continues to work in animation — wrote annotations and an essay for the upcoming book, and also did Sunday-strip recoloring.

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