Farnell Retires After Long Sales Career

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By: Dave Astor

Bob Farnell has retired as sales director of the New York Times Syndicate (NYTS) and New York Times News Service (NYTNS).

Farnell joined those NYT divisions in 1988 after working for Creators Syndicate, United Media, Field Newspaper Syndicate (now part of King Features Syndicate), and the Toronto Sun Syndicate.

Some of the features he sold during his career included columns by Bill Gates, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Martha Stewart (while at NYTS), and the “Peanuts” and “Garfield” comics (while at United). Farnell helped build the now-enormous “Garfield” client list in the early days of Jim Davis’ 1978-launched strip, which later moved to Universal Press Syndicate.

What does Farnell plan to do now? “He’s looking at real-estate ventures, Web technologies, and banking air miles between Florida and the Poconos,” replied his son, Jeff Farnell, who formerly worked as deputy graphics director at NYTNS.

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