Father’s Day Cartoon Showing the Reality of War Draws Some Complaints

By: E&P Staff

Milt Priggee got strong reaction to a Father’s Day editorial cartoon picturing a mangled U.S. soldier killed in Iraq with a “We love you, dad” note next to him.

One military man wrote: “Sir let me say that I am all about freedom of the press and freedom of speech, but the cartoon [is] very careless…. You could have brought your point across by being just a little more subtle. We will continue to read your cartoon but I feel that we should receive some sort of apology for this particular cartoon.”

Priggee replied: “This cartoon was not drawn to lift any spirits but to show the public how and what military families have to deal with.This cartoon was drawn to make people mad, mad enough to demand some accountability from their elected officials for not supporting our fellow citizens who volunteered to protect our country.

“I will apologize for my cartoon as soon as President Bush apologizes for needlessly sacrificing the lives of our soldiers and reunites them with their families. We’ll have to agree to disagree about subtleness because I don’t believe war is subtle. Thank you for writing and THANK YOU for serving.”

A Denver reader wrote: “You have had plenty of opportunity to knock the war. This is just indecent.”

Priggee replied: “Thank you for writing and sharing your views. I’ll share your views with the kids who have lost a parent.”

The self-syndicated Priggee does cartoons for the Skagit Valley Herald in Washington and other outlets. He’s also a former president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

Priggee’s cartoon — and comments about it — can be seen on Daryl Cagle’s blog here.
(Some scrolling down is required to see the post.)

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