Ferag Post-press at Post-Newsweek Community Newspapers

By: E&P Staff

For its new Mitsubishi DiamondStar newspaper press, Post-Newsweek Media’s Community Newspaper Group and it’s Comprint Printing unit will buy post-press equipment from Ferag, Zurich, Switzerland, through Ferag’s U.S. subsidiary, WRH Marketing Americas. Summer installation is scheduled.

Gaithersburg Md.-based Post-Newsweek Media is a division of the Washington Post Co. Comprint Printing is one of the largest commercial web printers in the Washington, D.C. region.

The order consists of two Ferag UTR press gripper conveyors, each with 2:1 gripping capability, an intermediate pick-up station to handle quarterfold product, and four of Ferag’s new SmartStack stackers, servo-driven units that offer easy format adjustability, including stacking of quarterfolded products.

Community Newspaper Group President Frank Abbott said in a statement that Ferag’s ability to put two products into a gripper “allows us to run our full product range at maximum press speeds, all the while maintaining a low conveyor speed.”

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