Ferguson Hits ‘NYT’ For Skipping WHCA Dinner: “Shut The Hell Up”

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By: Joe Strupp

Craig Ferguson, in his appearance before the White House Correspondents? Association dinner Saturday night in Washington took specific shots at the current state of newspapers, especially The New York Times, which chose not to attend this year?s dinner, citing ethical concerns.

?The New York Times unfortunately did not buy a table,” he quipped. “They felt, I just want to make sure I get this right, they felt that this event undercuts the credibility of the press. It?s funny, you see, I thought that Jayson Blair and Judy Miller took care of that.?

After one of the biggest laugh and applause moments of the evening, Ferguson offered some false surprise.

?What?? What did I say? What did I say? Did I go too far? Now let me try this: Shut the hell up, New York Times, you sanctimonious whining jerks!” He then added, “Look for my good review there coming up soon. I?m guessing Monday morning: ‘He?s a star!’

?I would also love to thank the lovely Maureen Dowd of The New York Times for recommending me for this job and then having the foresight not to turn up when I got it.?

Other mentions of the daily print media:

?I was chatting with several editors of major newspapers before I came out. You thought waterboarding was torture.?

?Reporters from my own hometown paper, the L.A. Times, made it into the room tonight, even after the cutbacks. They?ll be pouring the coffee once I?m done. Be nice to them because some of these guys have families.?

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