Fictional Comic Character Sees a Real Wedding

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By: E&P Staff

Last summer, John Kovaleski proposed to his girlfriend via his “Bo Nanas” comic (E&P Online, July 7, 2004). So it’s not surprising that the real-life wedding of Kovaleski and Jocelyn Swigger was referenced in last week’s sequence of the Washington Post Writers Group strip.

In the sequence, the Bo character stumbles into the wrong movie theater and sees an actual marriage ceremony. The wedding guests in the strips were cartoon versions of Kovaleski’s and Swigger’s real-life friends — and the couple really did tie the knot in a movie theater this past Saturday in Kovaleski’s hometown of Rochester, N.Y. The theater had been the site of many dates for Kovaleski and Swigger.

“I like weaving selected moments from my life into the strip,” said Kovaleski. “Cartooning is such an important part of who I am that it only feels natural to involve it in some way. Although, I must admit, having your own fictional character show up at your real wedding is a bit kooky.”

Kovaleski, whose comic entered syndication two years ago this month, now lives with Swigger in Pennsylvania — where she’s an assistant music professor at Gettysburg College.

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