First Domestic Run in Japan of 4×1 Press ?Color Top Ecowide?

By: E&P Staff

Press release from issuing company.

In August of this year, the 4 x 1 press, the “Color Top Ecowide”, started operation at Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd.’s Settsu Plant in Japan. It has been developed by TKS with high economical operation and awareness of environmental issues in mind. In the United States TKS has already had three press lines of its 4 x 1 press running at the Newspaper Agency Corporation (NAC), in Salt Lake City since 20006.

After receiving the order from Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd. for this next-generation machine in January 2009, TKS exerted its full energies into the design concept producing a prototype that halves the printing plate cost, reduces power consumption, and allows the use of standard conventional blankets. The Color Top Ecowide might be said to be the culmination of a series of researches conducted from such an ecological point of view. In addition to application of a new lock-up mechanism for a single plate cylinder as a means for enhancing workability, the new model will no doubt achieve high printing quality with many features that include employment of an absorption gap filler and introduction of the same Super Register system against fan-out as used in other models in the Color Top series.

Capable of printing 32 pages with 16 pages color, the currently running machine is one of two sets of machines to be delivered to the plant. Preparation for delivery of the other set is under way.

Key specifications of the model are as follows:
– Drive mechanism: Shaftless unit drive
– Press configuration: Two 4/4 color towers; two 2/2 color towers; 2 folding units; and 4 reel stands x 2 sets
– Maximum printing speed: 75,000 copies/hour
– Web width: 1,626 mm
– Cut-off: 541 mm
– Dampening unit: Spray type
– Folder: 2:2 rotary folder

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