First SLS3000 Inserter in Germany

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By: E&P Staff

Werbe Vertrieb Saar GmbH, Saarbruecken, has commissioned the first SLS3000 in Germany, where it is a leading direct-delivery company in the Saarland region. The inserter is coupled with a CombiStack bundle-building system.

Though the GMA/Muller Martini inserter is ordinarily used for in-line processing of newspaper inserts, Werbe Vertrieb Saar uses it for offline assembly of its recently launched weekly magazine, Die Woch, which has a circulation exceeding 500,000.

According to Managing Director Helmut Gebauer, a workforce of 170 previously inserted by hand all leaflets into Die Woch’s predecessor, Gelbe Hulle. Inserting 30,000 copies per hour, the SLS3000 only needs two operators and 18 helpers.

With Die Woch carrying approximately 4.8 million individual inserts every week, Gebauer said the SLS3000 also aids in delivering without inserting errors. Werbe Vertrieb Saar conducts regular quality checks by distributing questionnaires to households, with the latest showing a delivery rate of 95.7 percent, the best in Germany, according to Muller Martini.

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