FLASH: As Fas-Fax Results Emerge, Find the Raw Numbers Here

By: E&P Staff

Here are some raw numbers. E&P has also posted percentage gains and losses for top papers at here

In New York, the Post, after many years of gains, went flat at 678,086 M-F. The Daily News, also M-F, lost about 12,000 copies to 735,536. The Times picked up 3,000 copies M-F to 1,136,433.

The Washington Post lost 21,000 copies M-F, down to 751,871, while the Washington Times gained 3,000 M-F to 103,017.

USA Today saw a gain of 7,000 M-Thur to 2,199,052, although it dropped 23,000 on Fridays.

The Boston Globe took an 18,000 hit M-F, down to 434,330, while the Boston Herald gained 4,000 to 250,440 for the same days.

The Baltimore Sun, one of several Tribune Co. papers with circ woes, got a jump on new ABC rules, breaking out numbers for each day. Unfortunately, every day was down a lot, with Fridays the biggest loser at minus 49,000 copies to 292,089.

In California, the Sacramento Bee picked up a couple thousand copies M-Sat to 305,394. But the San Diego Union-Tribune lost 18,000 copies M-Wed and 29,000 Thu-Sat. The San Francisco Chronicle also took big hits, particularly on Sundays, losing 43,000 copies to 510,844.

Also in California, the Orange County Register lost 9,000 copies M-Sat to 300,972. The Oakland Tribune was almost perfectly flat. Bakersfield was a rare success story, with the Californian gaining almost 2,000 M-Sat and showing a small Sunday gain as well.

The picture wasn’t pretty in Detroit, with losses daily and Sunday at the two main papers. Some MIchigan dailies kept circ on an even keel, however, in Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo.

In New Jersey, the Star-Ledger lost about 7,000 copies both daily and Sunday.

Back in New York, the Buffalo News skidded 7,000 daily to 194,225. But the Albany Times-Union fought the good fight, picking up 45 copies M-Sat, to 100,002.

What about Ohio, as John Kerry asked? The Cincinnati Enquirer actually held steady M-Thurs, though it suffered slippage on the other days. The Cleveland Plain Dealer took large hits (more on this later). The Columbus Dispatch lost 15,000 daily to 244,280 and 14,000 Sundays to 357,839. The Dayton paper lost only a little. The Toledo Blade took a 5000 cut M-Sat to 134,037 and 8,000 on Sunday to 176,823.

Out in Oregon, the Portland Oregonian and Eugene Register-Guard showed modest drops every day. The Salem paper, however, lost almost 5,000 to 51,672 M-Sat.

In Pennsyvlania, the Altoona Mirror managed a gain of 602 to 32,941, and the Erie Times-News also advanced a little. But the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dropped almost 5,000 M-F to 240,930 and its rival Tribune-Review lost even more, shedding 8,000 M-Sat to 105,286, and twice that number on Sundays, to 163,215.

But surely there was good news in always-growing Florida? Not at the Miami Herald, off about 4%, that’s for sure. Not at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel or St. Petersburg Times, either, though they were off a lesser amount. Charlotte and Naples papers gained some.

John Janedis of Banc of America Securities did a quick analysis of the numbers. Here’s what he says he found:

? Largest declines were at the Tribune Co., with the L.A. Times down 6.5% daily and Sunday down 7.9%. The Chicago Tribune was down 5.8% daily and 4.5% Sunday.

? The newspapers with circ over 100,000 were down an average 1.6% on weekdays and 2.3% on Sundays. Those papers with circulation under 100,000 reported an average daily decline of 1.5% and Sunday decline of 1.9%. [2:25 PM ET]


ORLANDO: The Orlando Sentinel, a Tribune paper, reported that its daily circulation dropped a whopping 6% to 251,998 and its Sunday circ fell 4.2% to 368,562 for the six-month period ending March 2005.

President and CEO Kathleen Waltz attributed the decline in a change in strategy, particularly around hotel copies. “We decided to change our single-copy strategy and to intentionally minimize Orlando Sentinel distribution to out-of-town visitors,” she said in a release. “We also experienced some declines in home delivery.”

NEW YORK: The New York Daily News issued an early release reporting mixed results. Daily copies experienced a decrease of 1.5% to 735,536 but the release noted that weekday home delivered copies grew by nearly 3%. The paper faired better on Sunday, bucking industry trends. It reported a 4.1% increase to 835,121 copies. Saturday was also strong, up 6.3% to 574,959. [1:50 PM]

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