Flint Hikes Heatset, Directory Ink Prices

By: E&P Staff

Flint Group, Plymouth, Mich., announced price increases for heatset and directory products it sells in North America owing to trends in raw materials, including supply shortages, that it says have pushed up the price of pigments, resins and other intermediates its uses.

Flint will raise prices by 6% on heatset and directory inks and overprint varnishes, effective July 1, subject to existing contracts.

While the company “works very hard to shield customers from the impact of raw material trends,” Michael Podd, business director of heatset inks North America, said in a statement, “the recent level of activity makes it impossible for us to absorb the effects completely.”

Flint Group recently raised the prices of all inks in Europe but has not raised the price of news inks in North America.

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