Flint Ink Offers CD on Ink-Water Balance

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By: E&P Staff

Flint Ink Corp., based in Ann Arbor, Mich., has released an interactive training tool to help offset printing customers use the most effective procedures to achieve and maintain ink-water balance, thereby improving productivity and reducing downtime and waste. Ink-water balance issues are known to contribute to 80% of offset printers’ press-run problems.

Produced by Flint Ink experts, “Mastering Ink/Water Balance” explains the importance of ink-water balance to achieving print quality and covers all ink-water issues, including plates, dampening systems, fountain solutions, blankets, tinting and toning, and color balance.

The PC- and Mac-compatible CD, which Flint Ink Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Marx called “a valuable tool for both training and troubleshooting,” includes a PDF file of Flint Ink’s comprehensive Troubleshooting Guides.

Containing animation, photographs, and videos, the CD is designed to allow the information to be used as a full, continuous presentation for groups or as a user-friendly, play-and-pause training course for individuals. Either way, it can reduce the learning curve for new employees or serve as a refresher course for experienced press operators.

A quiz segment follows the instructional portion of the CD. The program automatically prints out a “Certificate of Completion” for trainees who score well. For those who do not, the program indicates which material needs review.

For classroom presentations, the CD includes a summary sheet that outlines the content, and a question-and-answer printout for trainees who want to take the test from a hard copy or facilitators who want to review answers.

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