Fools, Said I, You Do Not Know: ‘WP,’ ‘NYT’ Fumble on Music References

By: E&P Staff

Two major national newspapers seem to be having trouble lately with their musical references.

Today, The Washington Post ran a Simon and Garfunkel-related correction. On May 1, reporter Bill Broadway had observed: “And at Iglesia Santa Maria in Falls Church, the first free-standing Latino church in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, worshipers hold hands and sing Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Sounds of Silence’– in Spanish — before taking Communion.”

But as the Post notes today, the congregants are actually singing “Padre Nuestro, Tu Que Estas,” with lyrics based on the Lord’s Prayer, to the tune of the Paul Simon standard that is actually titled “The Sound of Silence.”

Earlier this week, The New York Times noted in a correction that one of its sportswriters had referred to the New York Yankees second baseman and outfielder Tony Womack as “Bobby Womack.” Bobby, of course, was the Sam Cooke prot?g? known for soul and movie hits such as “It’s All Over Now” and “Across 125th Street.”

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