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By: Staff reports

Web Gossiper Doesn’t Like Being Edited

(Hollywood Reporter) Matt Drudge is expected to be jettisoned by Fox News Channel by week’s end.

The major question Tuesday was whether Drudge would take the most amicable and least expensive way out and apologize for having refused to do his live show last Saturday from Los Angeles and for having disparaged Fox News and its executives in subsequent media accounts. Fox News president Roger Ailes said Tuesday that ‘this issue will be resolved one way or the other by Friday.’ But sources familiar with the situation said Drudge is a goner.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Fox News was threatening to sue Drudge for breach of contract.

Drudge refused to tape his weekly talk show Saturday after the network refused to allow him to air a photo of a fetus. Fox News President Roger Ailes told the Post, ‘He wants to apply Internet standards, which are nonexistent, to journalism, and journalism has real standards. It can’t work that way.’

Brit Hume, Fox’s Washington editor, said what Drudge ‘calls censorship is what the rest of us call editing.’


Staff reports

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