‘FoxTrot’ Prepping Readers for End of Daily Comic

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By: E&P Staff

Bill Amend is using this week’s “FoxTrot” comics to get readers ready for the end of the daily version of his Universal Press Syndicate strip.

The last daily “FoxTrot” will run this Saturday. Amend’s comic, which appears in more than 1,000 newspapers, will then become Sunday-only.

In today’s comic (http://www.foxtrot.com/), Roger Fox asks his wife Andy: “Why would a cartoonist want to do fewer cartoons?” She replies: “Maybe he wants to free up time for other pursuits.”

Roger says: “Like what?” Andy answers: “I don’t know. I’m sure there are all kinds of worthwhile tasks he could choose from. He could write new things. He could do volunteer work.”

Then, a character not pictured (the Foxes’ computer-obsessed son Jason?) shouts: “Whoa! Some guy in World of Warquest went from level 1 to level 60 in two days!”

“FoxTrot” is one of only about 15 comics with 1,000-plus clients.

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