FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Bush’s Bloggers, Newspapers No Longer ‘THE’ Source

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader points out some reasons why the bloggers President Bush’s referenced in his speech the other day don’t have much credibility, an thoguht on the waning primacy of newspapers as news sources, and an editor in Florida disputes a quote in a column by Allan Wolper earlier this month.


Bush and the Bloggers

Alexa Kim of Dallas, Texas, wrote to complain that adequate credence wasn’t given to the posting of those Iraqi bloggers quoted by Bush.

Some of those who repeated the comments did do the research required, including Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times’ “The Caucus” blog, to find out a bit more about the two dentists.

They’re not just some random posters Bush stumbled upon while using “The Google.”

Stolberg writes: “As for their identity, it remained a mystery — until the White House distributed a transcript of the briefing. In a footnote at the end, the administration disclosed that the bloggers are Omar and Mohammed Fadhil, two brothers who are both dentists and who write an English-language blog,, from Baghdad.

“Their writings, the White House said, have been cited in mainstream news outlets; on March 5, the Fadhil brothers authored an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal titled “Notes from Baghdad.

“Oh, yes, and on December 9, 2004, they met in the Oval Office with President Bush.”

Mary Shepardson
Poway, California


Newspapers Not ‘THE’ Source of News

Don Graham remains convinced that newspapers are still a vital source of information for most people. True, but how sad that they are now only “a” vital source of news, not “the” vital source they were not too many years ago.

Wes Pedersen
Chevy Chase, Md.


Wolper’s NCAA Column

I’m writing to point out two inaccuracies in Allan Wolper’s March 16 piece, “March Madness Highlights Problems for College Sportswriters.” Allan interviewed me for it, and he got some of what I said wrong.

First off, my name is not Nick Eden, it’s Nick Eaton.

Secondly, Allan misquoted me. In the article, a quotation of mine reads: “We rand a headline that said, WSU, 36, Stanford 10, over a space that said, ‘Evergreen reporters were unable to provide additional coverage due to space limitations.’ “

It should read: “We ran a headline that said, ‘WSU, 36, Stanford, 10,’ over a space that said, ‘Evergreen reporters were unable to provide additional coverage due to access limitations.’ ” The two things are entirely different.

I very much appreciate Allan’s interest in The Daily Evergreen, and I had a good time talking with him. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a correction so that my name is right and so his column is stronger.

Nick Eaton
The Daily Evergreen

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