FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Credential Misuse at ‘Knoxville Sun Sentinel,’ Counting the Iraq Dead, Collins and Rosenthal

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader reacts to the Associated Press’ coverage of the number of dead in Iraq, others greet the news of a new New York Times editorial page editor, and a charge that the misuse of credentials at the Knoxville News Sentinel is indicative of a wayward press.


On the ‘Controversial’ Number of Iraq Dead

It is without conscience that AP and others do not count the civilian deaths in Iraq. The latest study on civilian deaths concluded that between 400,000 and 650,000 thousand Iraqi have been killed since the U.S. invasion. Isn’t interesting that anything factual that might make the U.S. government look unfavorable is “controversial?” …

All this shows our democracy is weak and not vibrant. The two party system makes the country weak also. Where was the vigorous debate on the Iraq war? We desperately need several political parties in the Congress. Without it the country will continue to drift aimlessly without meaningful debate and vigorous examination of our government’s role in our society and how best that role will accommodate the needs of the American people.

Henry Pelifian


On Misuse of Credentials at the Knoxville News Sentinel

Too bad the University didn’t suspend them indefinitely over the credential misuse. I would have. These media guys think they run the show, but they’re just a bunch of ambulance chasers.

G. L. Gunderman
Florence, Ala.


Readers Respond to Change in Leadership at ‘NYT’ Edit Page

Really now, let us call the NYT’s editorial page by what it really is: AAME, The Attack Ad Masquerading as an Editorial. They do throw in a few “beards,” but we all know what they want to do: raise the heat and not the light.

Also, whomever is called the editor nor whomever are the writers it is good old Sulzberger’s stamp of approval that is needed. They are all just tools of the Big Boss.

Norman Berger
Menlo Park, Calif.

So what is the difference? One Marxist replaces another.

Stephen Boyd


On NewsMax’s Mislabeling of Mark Foley as a Democrat

Oh my god! It’s a conspiracy to label Foley a Democrat! No one has ever made a copyediting error before!

Please, give me a break. It was corrected on their Web site you bunch of yahoos.

Kirl Walton
Tucson, Ariz.

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