FRIDAY’S LETTERS: ‘For Better’ for Worse?, Missing Molly Ivins, Media Overlooking Iraq Atrocities?

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader reacts to the death of Molly Ivins, concern over Lynn Johnston’s “hybrid” plan for the comic “For Better or for Worse,” and a response to Joe Strupp’s column about reporters and grieving families.


‘For Better’ for Worse

I can understand Lynn Johnston’s need and desire to retire but I am not at all happy with the “frozen in time” concept of the strip. The originality of FBFW is the fact that is real life. People grow up, get old and sadly even die.

I aged with Elly and relate, as millions of people have, to the family’s growing pains.

This is the only strip I read because I look forward to knowing what will go on today in the household.

I will probably give it up when all the new changes come into play. If I wanted to see a kid that never grows up, I would be ready Dennis the Menace.

Marie Lincoln
Orlando, Fla.

This is by far my favorite comic strip. I’ve shed many tears of sadness & joy while reading it. There have been times when I’ve blubbered like an idiot. I’ve even gone online while on vacation and not being able to get a newspaper, just to read this comic strip. I will take and read whatever Lynn wants to write. Of course I want to see what fate has in store for Elizabeth and April and even Weed. I’ve bought several of Lynn’s books to catch up on the family’s past adventures. I don’t want to let them go. They’re like family.

Jo Mullin
Green River, Wyo.


Missing Molly

Great reading even with the tears in my eyes. The world will miss Molly [Ivins]. Have you thought of a book with a compilation of her witticism and that down home Texas humor? I laugh when I think of her commentary on the Texas legislature doin’ their bidness.

Tim Strom


Is Media Overlooking Iraq Atrocities?

I read the article you wrote a few months ago about the judge ordering the “child rape” photos to be released, and then today I saw [a video of] a guy alleging to be a former guard there saying he raped more than one woman there.

What I want to know is, where are these pictures that were supposedly released? I know our media doesn’t like to bring up unpleasant truths, but I would have thought if they were out there would have been a mention of it somewhere in the MSM.

Andrew Stone


Laws Needed to Hold Back ‘Scuzzball Reporters’

According to Joe Strupp, new laws are not needed to keep scuzzball reporters and photographers away from grieving families. His main argument is [that] some want to talk and he never acted beyond the bounds of good taste.

While I agree that the law should require the person should have to be informed of the wish that the family does not want them on the property I think these laws are needed.

Just yesterday The New York Times, the supposed shining example of print media, violated their embed agreement and went well beyond anyone’s standard of good taste by posting pictures and videos of the death of one of our brave fighting members over in Iraq. While some families may want to talk do any of them want to view the death of their loved one? I doubt it. While this may not be the exact same issue the people making these decisions are the same.

Joe Strupp should know that laws are not passed to keep the well behaved in line. They do that themselves. The laws are passed to protect us from the scumbags who have no moral compass and will do anything they can to advance their own careers no matter who they hurt. I wonder what journalist would think if that video was of a fellow journalist instead of what so many in the media see as just a uniform.

David Horchak
Houston, Texas

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