FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Gantt Attack on Pitts ‘Desperate’, ‘WSJ’ Editorial Page ‘Despicable’, Astor and the NSNC Confab

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, a reader praises Dave Astor’s coverage of the NSNC conference, a call for Universal to drop Ann Coulter, and a reader agrees with Joe Strupp’s assessment of the Wall Street Journal’s hypocrisy.


Astor Gets It Right

As always, Dave Astor provided interesting, comprehensive coverage of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists’ annual conference. The articles from Boston were a great substitute for actually being there.

Thanks to Mr. Astor for reminding us that the opinion, insight and even humor of columnists remain a vital and resilient tradition in the ability of newspapers to inform, enlighten and entertain.

Kristen Twedt
The Hattiesburg (Miss.) American


Another Ann Coulter Fan

Gentlemen, don’ think twice — get rid of Coulter. She is a sad fraud, a political Elmer Gantry, abusing the truth and her “flock”.

Ken Ytuarte
Jamaica, N.Y.


Gantt Attack on Pitts ‘Desperate’

Lucius Gantt’s attack on [Leonard] Pitts should be seen for what it is: this is a desperate attempt by an idiot (no other way to put it) to enforce group-think by attempting to marginalize Mr. Pitts. To Mr. Pitts’ credit, he appears to be unbowed by this. I hope more more of us follow that example. Authentically black is not listening to rap, wearing “bling” or jive talking. To say that these things are bad for the black community does not make one a sellout. What it says is that we are concerned for where our community is heading and want to express that concern.

Garfield Richards


‘WSJ’ Editorial Page ‘Despicable’

That was a great column [by Joe Strupp] about WSJ hypocrisy (which is a kind way to describe their despicable editorial page). I have become a regular reader of your website in recent months … the writing is routinely great and to the point. Thanks for all the good work. As a journalist, I really appreciate reporters taking their responsibilities seriously.

Pete Hisey
Chicago, Ill.

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