FRIDAY’S LETTERS: More Responses to Bernstein’s Bush Damage Report

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By: E&P Staff

Yesterday we published the first wave of letters about our Wednesday story that recounted remarks made by former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein during an online chat for the paper. Essentially, he outlined the many ways the Bush White House had caused much greater harm than Nixon in the Watergate era.

The first wave of responses were largely negative, the second wave much more positive. A selection below.


Worse Than Watergate?

Thank you for publishing this article. I have admired Carl Bernstein for many, many years, and his candor and sincerity about the events surrounding Watergate and our current situation are a welcome change from the drivel offered by the mainstream media. I only wish, however, that that very same mainstream media, that touts itself as honest, forthcoming and current to events that affect all of our lives, would break down the barriers between us and the truth, and give us what we deserve — a true analysis of what is really going on, no punches pulled.

Thanks to you and Mr. Bernstein. We all need to hear the truth.

Stella Pena

He has hit the nail on the head. When will the lies stop and the people get a grip on what this President and Vice President are doing to the credibility of this country?

David Faucher

Carl Bernstein is not a constitutional scholar the last time I checked and he is not qualified to be makeing the partisan comments he is making. His role should be reporting the news.

As for who has made the most damage Bill Clinton should be at the top of the list. Most of the problems Bush43 has had to deal with are the result of Clinton not taking responsibility. He also has nearly destroyed the credibility of the legal system with his appointments who has not respect for the constitution and make decision based soley on their politics.

Tom Goold
Vancouver, Wash.

Did you publish only letters that attacked Carl Bernstein? Mr. Bernstein was correct in his assessment of this Bush fiasco called an administration. If only those who wrote had their information correct before they attacked him.

— Every world leader DID NOT say Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Some, and I repeat some, said Saddam had previously had them but, that they had been destroyed YEARS earlier. They also DID NOT think war was the answer.

— Saddam DID NOT kick out the inspectors the US kicked them out so we could bomb Iraq.

— Valerie Plame was NOT known as a CIA operative before the Cheney group got a hold of that secret and decided to release for a smear campaign.

The writers of these letters only prove the age old story if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually accept it as true. At least
the dumb ones.

M. Clively

Great article. I am surprised as a former Republican and lifelong
conservative that not only do I agree with the headline that Pres. Bush has done more harm than Nixon, I would say you left out one of the most obvious betrayals:

He has left the borders of the United States wide open and sent the
military to fight 9,000 miles away.

For actual citizens living in the American Southwest, rather than the
Mid-West or out on the East Coast, this betrayal is not theoretical
nor is it complicated, as supporters of unfettered illegal
immigration always claim.

Instead of worrying about a civil war in Iraq, Bush and his band of
brothers better look closer to home.

Tim Donnelly
Twin Peaks, CA

Carl Bernstein has been far more damaging to the United States than any president. Because of Carl Bernstein every reporter thinks it is alright to violate almost principle of fairness and decency to get his/her own “Watergate” scoop. Journalism is the biggest victim of all.

Terry Gold
Rock Hill, SC


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