FRIDAY’S LETTERS: ‘Mundane Power Grab,’ Righties on ‘NYT’ Profits

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, conservative readers respond to news of plunging profits at the New York Times, and others react to James Bovard’s article about the new legislation about the treatment of detainees.


Bovard’s ‘Mudane Power Grab’

I appreciate [James Bovard’s] article. There will be much blame to go around, when Historians account as to how our Constitutional Democratic Republic morphed into dictatorship. However, my belief is that the compromised 4th Estate deserves the lion’s share of the blame.

I ask, where are the journalists like yourself shaming the rest of the media. For God’s sake, get together, hold a press conference, call a spade a spade and try to save the last gasp of a great nation. Surely CSPAN might cover it at the national press club. It’s a start.

Brian Mulkey
San Diego, Calif.

Thank you for your piece today. I wrote a letter to the NYTimes yesterday because they’d put a powerful, photo-op shot of Bush on the front page and buried a milquetoast article on this legislation on page 14.

What the hell is going on in this country? As Jonathan Turley said on Olbermann the other night (paraphrasing): The Bill of Rights is eviscerated and no one is paying attention.

I consider myself a Progressive and obviously share your concerns — as I’m sure many people on all sides of the political spectrum do. The issue is: what do those of us do who understand and are truly frightened about where Bush/Cheney et al are taking us?

Ken Weinberg M.D.


Readers From the Right on ‘NYT’ Losses

If the Times wants to stop the losses, [they should] try to print the TRUTH. Then, after a while people will trust them. Definitley a Liberal piece of trash. Without looking I suspect the same is true for the Washington Post?

John Belcher

Well, well well … what a dirty shame. The NYT loses money because it takes the side of our enemy every day and even leftists are shunning [its] propaganda. I cancelled my subscription a long time ago and Im not coming back.

Gabriel Gagnon
Velencia , Calif.

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