FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Papers Drop Coulter, No Pulitzer Nod for Dowd?

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By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, readers comment on newspapers’ decision to drop columnist Ann Coulter after she used the word “faggot” in reference to presidential candidate John Edwards, and a reader wonders why Maureen Dowd didn’t get a Pulitzer nod.


On Papers’ Dropping Ann Coulter’s Column

I see the McCarthyism coming out at the Times of Shreveport . You justify [their] dropping Ann Coulter because of the WORD “faggot” yet the article totally misrepresents what she actually said. The slippery slope the old media has taken will only lead to more voices being silenced.

Liberals call Ann far right wing. It’s funny how you never hear about the far LEFT wing. It’s becoming very popular in the Democratic, extreme left party to censor different opinions. They want to censor the Internet and talk radio (the Fairness Doctrine). Oh well, as with all censorship, the Times of Shreveport will be censored in time. What comes around goes around. History has proven that time after time.

Don Bevan

[I was] delighted to read that the Oakland Press in Pontiac, Mich., finally dropped the Coulter editorials. They have lost countless subscribers since they began printing her hate speech. They have always defended her — even though they were losing money keeping her. A few people (those that delighted in her profanity) were happy to see her vileness.

Hilma Towell

Dropping her was a big mistake. Liberals can say and do what they want — and there are liberal police out there just waiting and watching for one conservative to make any indication about a liberal and … wham.

America see this. You are pandering to the left and this is a mistake. Has your circulation dropped in recent years? Who reads the paper anymore anyway?

Judy Cohoon

A hearty congrats to [these newspapers] for finally dropping that hateful woman’s column!

Denise Richert

The left can and do say anything they want with no consequences but have a conservative say any thing and WHAM, there is a double standard, and we need to change that. All Conservatives need to stand up for Ann Coulter

Brian Bassett

So many letters protesting the liberals protesting Ann Coulter!? It isn’t about right-wing or left-wing, folks.? It’s about the woman’s lack of professionalism, hate-mongering, and adolescent public behavior? She admitted herself that the term she used was a “schoolyard taunt.”? Shouldn’t we expect something more mature and thoughtful from a professional commentator??

I’ve read that some have called her “insane,” but to my mind she is a pitiful and sleazy entertainer, though cagey in the way she plays to her thoughtless audience.? The newspapers that have dropped her are to be commended for upholding a standard of decency.? It should not take courage to deny her space in their publications.? That it seems to is a troubling measure of the political divisiveness she has so eagerly promoted.

Bob Kalsey
San Francisco, Calif.


Dowd and the Pulitzers

With the best will in the world to the reported finalists in the Pulitzer commentary category, I find it difficult to believe that Maureen Dowd missed out this year. She may not ring the bell on a few occasions, but overall she is a phenomenon not to be dismissed in any honors program.

Wes Pedersen

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