FRIDAY’S LETTERS: Praise for Galloway, Let Lieberman Go to GOP

By: E&P Staff

In today’s letters, praise for Joe Galloway’s column on the Walter Reed Hospital scandal, and a reader thinks Democrats shouldn’t lament the loss of Joe Lieberman to the Republican party.


Lieberman should switch to the GOP where he’ll be right at home with all the other losers.

E. Blair


Galloway Takes Military to Task for Walter Reed Scandal

Thank you for attempting to let the American people know about the treatment of our returning war veterans. I am appalled and saddened to learn of the living conditions of the bravest of the brave at Walter Reed Hospital. God bless them for their service and the sacrifices of their families. My dear late husband was a Vietnam veteran. I care what happens to our veterans.

I am so angry with our leaders in this country, Republicans and Democrats. Those in charge today care only about themselves and being seen on television. God help us all if this is what our grandchildren have to look forward to in this country. The politicians today care only about being elected, they do nothing once they get to Washington. All they do is pontificate for the public to see them. How dare they go abroad and criticize our country. Some of them are so cowardly that they dare not do it here. Our leaders of today are shameful.

There is enough guilt to go around to every politician that is upon the hill for the condition of our military. It is always easy to send our troops into harms way. If you vote to send them off to war, stand behind them when they come home. … God bless you for letting the world know.

E. Leslie

Your article of the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Hospital due to Defense cut spending for our vets by the Bush administration and the previous Republican congress was an eye opener. Thanks for consistently siding with the most vulnerable of American resources, our military troops and their families. …

Mark Lysgaard

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